Association for Technical and Career Education

In its aim to contribute to the promotion of vocational and career education, the Association for Technical and Career Education conducts research and studies into vocational and career education, runs programs to facilitate the enhancement and increased sophistication of educational content; and works to promote the development of a society based on lifelong learning through familiarization and raising of awareness for vocational and career education.

Training programs

New teacher training
Principal & vice-principal training
Domestic teacher-dispatch training
Research association projects
Career support-related programs

Research/study programs

Teacher research encouragement programs
Research partner school programs

Certification programs

Teacher & associate-teacher certification programs

Commendation programs

Commendation of teachers, students and others in need of commendation

Proficiency test programs

JKEN (Information Processing Application Proficiency Test)
BKEN/Jobpass (Business Proficiency Test)

Insurance programs, etc.,

1. Disaster and accident insurance for students, liability insurance for internship activities, liability insurance for students in the medical field, school liability insurance, insurance against unauthorized disclosures of personal information
2. New disease-related compensation scheme for students

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